Touchless Wash Products

We offer a complete line of soaps and detergents for professional touchless carwashes, fleet/large vehicle washes and industrial cleaning.  Our products are a perfect solution to keep the following equipment clean:

  • Semi-Trailer Trucks (remove: tar, asphalt glues and gum, oils, salt), degrease engines/parts
  • Fleet vehicles – Vans, Trucks, Cars, Commercial vehicles
  • Shop maintenance floors (degrease floors)
  • School Buses (remove: tar, asphalt glues and gum, oils, salt)
  • Snow removal equipment (remove road salts) – trucks, graders, Skid Steers
  • Agriculture/Farm equipment – Combines, Tractors, Bailer, Loaders, Mowers, Sprayers


Our partnership with customers ensures proper chemical use with ongoing field support and a wide range of consultative services. Our products are designed with highly advanced formulas using the newest technology and raw materials available. Our customers experience better cleaning, water savings and a more profitable wash.

Semi Truck Trailer 18 Wheeler Touchless Wash Soap Detergent Moose Jaw Saskatchewan


5 Factors of Touchless Cleaning


  1. Mechanical Action

    • Force on the surface being cleaned.
    • Friction: Cloth, brushes, bristles
    • Touchless: Water pressure, water volume


  1. Chemistry

    • The type of cleaning agent(s) and the concentration in which it is used.
    • Chemical action is needed to:
      • Reduce static charge and release soils
      • Break down and emulsify soils
      • Remove and suspend soils
      • Measure through titration


  1. Temperature

    • For every 50° F/ 10° C rise in temperature, the chemical activity doubles


  1. Water Quality

    • If left untreated, hard water may:
        1. Decrease cleaning
        2. Create deposits and build-up on surfaces including pipes, nozzles, etc.
    • General rule: for every 4 grains of hardness, you will need 5–10% more product to get the same degree of cleaning


  1. Time

    • The time the chemical, temperature and/ or mechanical action is in contact with the surface being cleaned
    • In general, an increase in dwell time increases cleaning ability
    • There may be a point of diminishing return as soils can redeposit onto the surface
18 Wheeler Semi Truck Trailer Soap Washless


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