Water Conditioning

Get Better Water

Looking for a reliable softening system? Prairie Janitorial Supply customers love the popular and affordable Fleck water softener line.


Prairie Janitorial Supply water softeners are durable, reliable and economical.   For the money, it’s tough to beat the value in the Fleck-based softener.


The control valve on your systems is made by Fleck and the other components of our systems are quality components. Our tanks, brine tanks, and components are made in North America.


Prairie Janitorial also carries iron filters, carbon filters, carbon filters for drinking fountains and home reverse osmosis (RO) systems. We can take water samples and treat well water or rural water.  If you live in Moose Jaw or in the rural community around Moose Jaw, Prairie Janitorial has the knowledge and equipment for all your water conditioning needs.

Fleck Water Softener Moose Jaw
Water Softener Moose Jaw